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Curl Cut

It's time to celebrate the curls your were born with! Our stylist Sydney, a curly girl herself, understands the struggle of finding a stylist that understands and cares about your curls as much a you do. We recognize not all textures are the same and they shouldn't be treated that way. Sydney has spent over a year as an apprentice studying different curl cut methods and is certified in Surface Curl Cuts. She knows no two curls are the same, even on the same head, and can utilize her knowledge to create a look that you will love!


Book your consultation today

If this is your first time booking a curl cut we suggest you book a consultation to ensure this is the best cut for your hair and lifestyle!


Curl Cut FAQ

Is a curl cut right for you?


Styled Curly 99% of the time

The curly cut is based on the shape of how you wear your natural curls. To see optimal results from your curly cut you wear your hair in its natural state exclusively. 


Be honest

Our stylist are trained to provide a style and look based on your hair history and goals. The more transparent you are the easier we can assist you in achieving your goals.


You are willing to invest 

Once your get a routine down it will feel like second nature, but curly styles often require a few more steps in your routine to maintain curl health and style. Curls also crave moisture and tend to be the driest of all hair types. Therefore proper products are essential.

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